Seventh Generation Baby Products

While I was “nesting” while pregnant. (Really couponing. Haha) I was trying to figure out the cheapest way to accumulate all of the baby products I was going to need for my daughter. I was also trying to find the best/healthiest products. Now a days trying to find low cost organic or healthy options is pretty hard. I mean you go to the grocery store and the regular banana’s are 49 cents a pound while their organic count parts can be double to triple the cost. The same goes for baby products such as diapers and wipes.

I had noticed a couple of higher end diaper company’s had been getting people hooked on their products by offering “free” trials of products. You just have to pay shipping. As a couponer when I see an offer where you have to pay for shipping a red flag, for me, goes up. As much as people want to say “but you ARE getting the product for free you just have to pay the shipping.” this is simple, again for me, not getting the product for free. MANY company’s will gladly send you free products WITH OUT you having to pay for shipping. So I held off purchasing any of these product trials.

I was still curious though. So I searched for a company selling higher end “earth friendly” diapers and ran across Seventh Generation. I first contacted them to see if they would send me any free samples and I was directed to join their online community where I could sign up for product trials and receive free products. So I did, and was sent a free trial of their baby wipes. I received 3 trial packs containing 2 wipes a piece. I liked the wipes enough that I looked to see if they had a diaper trial and sure enough they did!

The diaper and wipe trial through their Grove Collaborative was only $1.99. I was actually pretty surprised that I received a full size container of wipes and a full pack of diapers. (Most trials only do a couple of diapers and a small pack of wipes.) Here are my thoughts on Seventh Generations Free & Clear diapers and wipes.

Diapers: I ordered size 3 diapers for my daughter and they came in a 31 count pack. The forest animal print on the diaper was cute and a nice change of paste from Elmo or Winnie the Pooh. The diaper wasn’t white but a tan color I am guessing from the no dyes or bleach in the diapers. For wetness protection they did great! No leaks when she moved or slept.  The only issues I had were that they gave my little one a diaper rash, and compared to other larger diaper manufacturers Seventh generation diapers are more expensive. If you can get coupons though and work them with deals that are going on you can get them at a much better price then other company’s like the Honest company.  So over all the diapers were good, and when you are trying to decide if you want to try them don’t let my daughters experience with diaper rash deter you. Every baby is different and what doesn’t work for mine may work for yours. (I am actually keeping the unused diapers for our next kid.)

Wipes: The wipes from the trial came in a full size pack of 64 wipes.  When my daughter has a poopy diaper it would take 2-4 huggies or pampers wipes to clean her up because the wipes are thinner or would tear coming out of the diaper warmer. Seventh Generation baby wipes though are so think I would use half as many wipes to clean her up. They have been great for cleaning up her high chair or caked on baby food. They are really hard to tear, but if you wanted to save even more money you could cut each sheet in half as well. I liked the wipes so much from Seventh Generation that I have continued to purchase them. While they are also slightly more expensive then huggies or pampers wipes there are coupons available that help to bring them down a bit in price.

All together I am pretty impressed with Seventh Generation’s diaper and wipes trial, and with the company Seventh Generation as a whole. 🙂

Seventh Generation Baby Products

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