Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Party

One of the best free item’s I have gotten so far this year has to be the Seventh Generation Health Baby Party box. This free item is not just for the recipient, but also for their friends and family members. 🙂 Seventh Generation gives out a limited number of these boxes a year to individuals who are apart of their online community Generation Good. The purpose of this box, other then a great marketing tool, is to also educate the consumer on what company’s do and don’t have to disclose on their product labels. It takes a little while to get the box but believe me it is worth it.

The box contains enough free samples and coupons for 12 guests. Along with some free items to those guests who win at Health baby bingo. The host also gets to choose a gift from the full size products in the box.

An example of what a guest will see in their bag: Sample of Baby wipes, dish soap, laundry detergent, baby cough syrup, baby food, Seeds, and at least 2-4 coupons.

Items you can win from the Bingo: A full pack of baby wipes, a full pack of baby diapers, a full size dish soap, or a bobble water bottle that comes with its own filter.

All I can say is this box is awesome. I was so excited to be selected. I would also be excited if I was asked to attend one of these parties. My rough calculation puts the value of these boxes around $50-$60. Are the products worth it? ABSOLUTELY. My parents use Seventh Generation Free and Clear dish soap to clean my fathers c-pap machine because it has no scent and doesn’t leave a residue. I love my Bobble water bottle and use it every day. I even purchased another Bobble water bottle for my husband because he kept taking mine. As for the diapers and wipes you can check out my review of the baby wipes and diapers here.

I hope some of you sign up for Generation Good and get selected in the next round of Health Baby Parties, because who doesn’t love free stuff?

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Party

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