Product Review – Smartbottoms Haversack

Being a first-time parent I am sad to say when I was looking at diaper bags, almost 2 years ago, I went for cute/monogrammed instead of cute/functional. (Doh!) When I decided I needed a new diaper bag I knew what I was looking for, but I was blown away with how much diaper bags were going for. Unfortunately, I am not a parent that can spend $300 on a diaper bag no matter how nice they are. So, I continued my search. I needed a diaper bag with pockets on the inside and could one day double as a purse or laptop bag. Then Smartbottoms released their Haversack. The price was more affordable and it had everything I was looking for.

What I was dealing with: My current diaper bag was basically just one big pocket mess.mess Everything went into this pocket and got lost. When I dumped it out to change to the Haversack I found disposable diapers from before I started cloth diapering, a random golf ball, and a lonely little piggy.

 The Haversack bag: It is a cotton or poly canvas hobo style diaper bag. The inside is one big pocket lined with 4 smaller pockets, and comes with its own changing pad. (It is so soft!) It has one strap that is adjustable so you can tie it to fit your needs. It can be worn across your body, like a regular purse on one shoulder, and on your back just in case your baby wearing in the front. The Haversack comes in many different prints, and different natural parenting stores have special prints they release. (Abby’s Lane, Kelly’s Closet, and Lil’ Tulips are just a few stores that have different specialty prints.) If you need to wash it the Haversack can be tossed into the washer and dryer.

What I fit inside my Haversack: In the first pocket, I put a wetbag, mini wetbag, and some extra plastic bags just in case. The second pocket contains a full-size wipes pack. The third pocket holds sunscreen, CJS Butt Butter, hand sanitizer, gas drops, my daughter’s gloves and winter hat. insideInside the last pocket I have 2 full changes of clothes. (2 pairs of pants, shirts, and socks). The big main pocket holds our Ezpz mini mat, the Haversack changing pad, bib, and usually between 2-6 cloth diapers. Eventually when I do not need to use the haversack as a diaper bag it will work perfectly as a computer bag, or a bag to use when traveling.

Price: It is hard to compare the price of a Haversack to that of say a Ju-Ju-Be BFF diaper bag because to me they are completely different products, but I can say the Haversack is an affordable diaper bag solution. The bags can range in price depending on the print, and where you purchase them, but usually Haversacks run about $65. If you shop at a natural parenting store, like the one’s I mentioned above, you can accrue points every time you order and once you hit a certain point threshold you can redeem them for store credit. If you already do this, you can cash in your points to pay for your Haversack, or if you don’t have any points than purchasing the Haversack will get you closer to being able to get other goodies with your points free. 🙂

Things to consider: I have 1 child in diapers and I feel like I have filled up the Haversack pretty well. I am not sure a Haversack is a good option if you have multiple children in diapers that you need to carry items for. If you are looking into a Haversack as your diaper bag solution and have multiple children in diapers I would see if your local natural parenting store or a friend has a Haversack so you can check it out. Also, I am hoping one day Smartbottoms will come out with shoulder strap tie downs to hold down the extra fabric where you tie your Haversack strap.

Over all I love my Haversack and would highly recommend it as a lower cost diaper bag solution. It’s also a plus that they are really cute. 😉

Product Review – Smartbottoms Haversack

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  1. I enjoy every post! I am nearly old enough for great-grandchildren, but if ever I am asked about diaper bags, I am at the ready! This is the only mom-blog I follow. It’s charming.

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