Fabula Nebulae All Natural Body Products Review

When you have kids it is very hard to find/take time for yourself. When you are a parent though self-care is very important. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, it is hard to take care of others. This is a hard lesson to learn for some. To this day when I have a moment, usually when my daughter is napping, I could take some time for myself but instead I think of all the other things I need to get done, and I try to tackle some items on my to do list. This is why I have had an unused spa gift card for almost a year. What?!  So, I am trying to change tactics. If you have ever watched the TV show Parks & Rec you will understand. “Treat yo self!” One of the ways I am trying to treat myself is by giving myself a little bit of “me” time each day and finding quality all natural products that will benefit me both inside and out. One company I have found with amazing all natural products is Fabula Nebulae. They offer a range of products from sugar scrubs, aromatherapy balms, teas, and more. Below are my thoughts on just a few of their products and how I use them to treat myself. 🙂

Morning: The Silky Java Coffee Sugar Scrub is the thickest sugar scrub I have used. Usually the ones I use are very runny where as Fabula Nebulae’s coffee sugar scrub is thick, but not dry. The coffee grinds and sugar are the ingredients that give you the scrub and the smell is wonderful! I use this scrub in the morning before my coffee to give me the kick I need in the shower. If you are not a big fan of coffee this scrub might not be for you. (Don’t worry though they have other sugar scrub options.) My skin afterwards is always smooth, and the natural butters and oils provide all day moisture for my skin. (No need to apply more moisturizer afterwards.) I wish it came with a scooper or applicator of sorts since the package says you want to try to keep water out of the container to maintain the freshness, but it still works without one. Things to be watchful of. Be careful when using the scrub in the shower/tub since it can leave the bottom of the shower/tub slippery. Also, if you have a bath mat you may need to pull it up and rinse the bottom of the shower/tub afterwards to get any leftover coffee grinds down the drain.

Throughout the Day: After the coffee sugar scrub Bumble Fairy Sun Dust is a great aromatherapy balm to help keep you energized, focused, and relaxed though out the day. When I opened the package I immediately smelled Lemon, Calendula, and Chamomile. Plus, it sparkles! When my daughter saw me open the container her first reaction was “oooohhhh.” I apply it to my neck and my wrists near my pulse points and I find myself smelling the balm as my day goes on. My daughter can also smell it when I hold her and I hope she gets a relaxing moment from it as well. The only down side is you may need to reapply throughout the day depending on what you are doing. If I have to do the dishes the balm will wash away and I will need to reapply.

Their Hazelnut Cocoa Lip Balm is a really great all natural lip balm. The main smell of the lip balm is hazelnut. Like all their other products the lip balm smells amazing, and it went straight to work moisturizing my dry winter lips. I will say this lip balm is the best lip balm I have ever used. It lasts longer, and moisturizes better than any other I have tried. The lip balm does contain lanolin so please be careful if you are allergic.

The Quite the Storm Skin Calming Balm is another great winter skin treat. I have used it on my dry hands and my daughters dry skin. The balm smells like fresh lemons to me which relaxes me. All you need is a little bit on your dry skin, but I love it so much I could use tubs of this calming balm.

Night: While I really love coffee I also really love tea. Haha! I am big on loose leaf tea, personally believe it tastes better than bagged tea, and have been on the hunt for a good tea that will help me relax at night so I can hopefully sleep better. Midnight Moonbeams tea is a great night-time option. It is a loose-leaf tea made of Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon balm, Lemongrass, Lavender, Hibiscus, Dried Persimmon, and Rose Petals. 20170128_200158(I also found that Midnight Moonbeams tea is very good at calming your stomach after the stomach flu thanks to the chamomile and peppermint. Haha!) I love the taste of this tea and have found it very relaxing. When I open the can I smell the chamomile, when I brew it I smell the peppermint, and when I drink it I taste both. I even like the tea cold. (Happens to a lot of drinks in my house.) A great tea to have on hand for any occasion. Especially family tea time! I am very excited to treat myself throughout the year to their different kinds of teas.

I am very impressed with Fabula Nebulae’s products and will be ordering in the future. Now how are you going to “Treat yo self.”?
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Fabula Nebulae All Natural Body Products Review

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