Working Out on A Budget

When my husband started working out at our local CrossFit box I was happy because he was happy to be working out. After looking at the cost for his membership though I was not as happy as I once was. Haha! It was expensive, and when I quit working to stay home with our daughter the monthly CrossFit membership was just too much for us. When I told him we should look at cheaper options they still weren’t in the price range we could afford. So, we had to get inventive. If you and your family are like mine, then below are some tips on how to work out on a budget.

Good ‘old fashion running/walking outside – I had to list this one first because it’s my favorite, and totally free! Haha! I know that sometimes getting out into nature is hard, especially if you have kids or your location makes it difficult, but it’s worth it! Find yourself a decent jogging/running stroller and hit the pavement. During the warmer months, my husband and I will go to our local park, that has a running trail, and take turns either walking or jogging with the stroller while the other is free to run for a lap. Hiking is another one of our favorite things to do during the warmer months. We have a baby carrier that adjusts to fit both my husband and I, and we take turns wearing our daughter as we hike.

Beachbody’s on demand free 30 days – My husband and I just finished our free 30-day trial of Beachbody’s on demand program and we loved it! We used to do Insanity way back when it first came out so it was a lot of fun to work out to Shaun T. again. The great thing about this program is that you can do it anytime and technically anywhere since it is online. (Since it is currently cold outside we have enjoyed the work out’s inside.) It’s pretty easy to sign up and then you have free access for 30 days to their online library of workouts. Some of the newer work outs you have to upgrade to receive, but the free Beachbody workouts are enough to keep you occupied. If you do not want to be charged for a paid subscription you will need to cancel before your 30 days is up. (I believe my husband called the day before our 30 days was up and cancelled.) This trial is totally worth it, and I started to see a physical difference after week one.

Groupon/Living Social – Many gym’s, and small businesses are now offering discounted memberships or workout classes though Groupon and Living Social. You can get discounts on gym memberships, workout classes, 30-day access to online workouts, and more that range from 50% off all the way to 90% off, and sometimes more. So, before you head out to sign up for workout classes look on Groupon and Living Social first. (Another plus is if you use Groupon through the Ibotta app you can get up to 10% cash back in your Ibotta app if you purchase through Ibotta.) 


Run in 5k’s/ Races for free by volunteering – Last fall I had a friend invite me to run with her in the Great Pumpkin Run, but I forgot to register fast enough and the race sold out. I was super mad at myself, but I did some research and found out the race still needed volunteers for check in the day before. The biggest perk of volunteering was you got a free race registration you could use the next day, or for another upcoming race. Score! So not only was I able to run with my friend, but I was able to run for free. Other ways to save are to see if the race you want to participate in has Groupon or Living Social offers. One year I signed up for a 5k obstacle race at a cost of $70, and later found the Race on Groupon offering registrations for $30. (Doh!) Don’t worry if the heat start time is not the time you want. Most races, if you are not trying to be timed, will let you run whenever.

Free gym trials – Before you spend the money on a gym membership I highly recommend looking to see if the gym offers a free trial. Usually these are promotional gimmicks to bring in new customers, but they can be beneficial to you if you are looking at joining a gym or just want a break from your regular workout routine. I know a couple of times a year the gym near my house will send out promotional free 3-day gym passes, or some gyms in my area, like the local CrossFit, will have a free intro classes. These are great ways to see if the gym is a fit for you before you shell out any money. If you end up liking the gym you visited I would recommend waiting till they have a membership sale. A great time to snag a really good deal for a gym membership is around New Years.

You Tube Video’s – Yes, I said You Tube. Haha! You Tube actually has some really good free workout video’s. You will be able to find video’s covering cardio, yoga, Pilates, and more. Popsugar Fitness has a lot of workout videos on You Tube. I have done a couple and have been pretty impressed. Now that our Beachbody on demand free trial has expired, and since it’s cold here, I will be switching to the Popsugar Fitness videos and burning some calories. 

If you follow the above tips you will definitely save yourself some money, and make it easier to work out on a budget. I would love to hear some of the ways you and your family work out on a budget. 

Working Out on A Budget

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