2018 Small Shop Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

2018 Small Shop Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Usually around this time of year I start having to field questions from family members about what my kids would like for Christmas. I start going over in my mind all of the toys my kids have pointed out to me throughout the year and my eye’s glaze over. All of them require an abnormal amount of batteries to make screeching sounds I know I will only be able to take for one day. If they don’t make sound, they usually come with really small pieces I have to go through and hide away from our 10-month-old so she won’t try and eat them.

I also start having visions of packed stores, horrible traffic, and standing in front of the gift card carousel because all of the products I wanted to purchase are sold out. This year I came prepared for all the “What do the little one’s want for Christmas this year?” questions, and I am sharing with you my answers. Below are my top 4 small shop gifts for kids. All of the below products are made by small businesses, easily ordered online, are educational, and come with discount codes. (All but one.) So, sit back and relax this holiday season, because the below small shops have you covered.

Taylor Blakely Co.

My Dad loves to purchase puzzles for all of the grandkids, and almost every grandkid has a name puzzle. Name puzzles are a really great way to teach young one’s about letters, how to spell their name, and matching. But a lot of name puzzles take up a lot of space. What I love about Taylor Blakely Co. and their wooden puzzles are that they are handmade, and easy to store in their own little bag. The craftsmanship of these puzzles are amazing, and just as good as the products you would find in bigger stores.

This small shop also makes animal puzzles and wooden teethers. Pricing starts at $25 for 5 letters and then the price increases with each additional letter. The owner, Brianna, was very kind to make my daughter her name puzzle below, and also to give me a discount code to pass on to you. Use the code PRETTYINFOOD at checkout to receive 20% off your order. If you would like your puzzles or teethers before Christmas make sure you order before December 1st. Gift cards are also available for purchase on her site! To place an order here is her website. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaylorBlakelyCo

KOA Provisions

If your kids love to get in the kitchen and cook/bake why not have them do it in style. It’s even better if you and your little one can twin while cooking/baking together! KOA Provisions hand makes Professional, Chef designed, aprons. My oldest is 3 years old and the kid’s apron fit’s her nicely, but the really cool thing about the apron is it will grow with her. KOA Provisions Everyday aprons are light weight, come with pockets, and are durable.

I seriously have never owned an apron as nice as the KOA Provisions Everyday apron. Due to the quality of materials and workmanship of these aprons I feel they are worth every penny. Cost wise the Kids apron retails for $30 while the Adult Everyday apron retails for $55. I wanted to thank KOA Provisions for mine and my daughters aprons, and also for providing a discount code for all of my readers. Use code PRETTY10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order. In addition, KOA Provisions will be donated $5 from every purchase to No Kids Hungry from 11/19-11/26. If you would like to see the other colors/apron styles available from KOA Provisions you can visit their site here. https://koaprovisions.com/

Polyblox Totems

Remember those alphabet blocks you used to play with as a child? I do, and my kids have some as well. (I actually just stepped on one the other day and said AEIOU and sometimes Y quite loudly.) Polyblox Totems are a little like those alphabet blocks, but they are SO MUCH BETTER. Now instead of just being able to see the letters or the number with the regular blocks you can see everything with the Polyblox. Your little one will be able to see the letters in uppercase, lowercase, their word association, the letter in braille, sign language, and a number all stacked next to each other. You can even spell out words and see it in uppercase and lowercase. 

I know my daughter is a visual learner so her Polyblox Totems will be a game changer in how we teacher her, and how she learns. Currently you can purchase Polyblox Totems on their website (through Kaplan), on Amazon, or you can purchase them at the Orlando Museum of Art if you are local. A 14 piece set retails for $69.95.  In 2019 Polyblox will be coming out with some amazing additions. (Such as augmented reality thanks to their relationship with Leap With Alice.) You can check out Polyblox Totems on their website. http://www.thepolyblox.com/

Beachfront Baby Child Ring Sling

If you have been following my blog or social media for a while then you know I love wearing my children. (If you are new to my blog then FYI, I love wearing my children. Haha!) Baby wearing allows me to be hands free, and to give my kids all the snuggles. Of course, children copy their parents so it shouldn’t be surprising my kids also love to baby wear. So, while Beachfront Baby makes baby carriers for us parents, they also make child baby carriers as well. As you can see below, they are super cute! My 3-year-old will wear her teddy bears and baby dolls all around the house. Imaginative play is very important for children, but baby wearing also helps to teach children how to nurture, be careful, and also to be kind.

Full disclosure. I love and believe in small businesses and baby wearing so much that I became a Beachfront Baby brand ambassador at the beginning of this year. One of the perks of being an ambassador is that I can pass on some savings to you. The child ring slings are currently on sale for $19.99. You can use my ambassador code PRETTYINBABYFOOD18 at checkout to receive 10% off your order. If you are interested in purchasing a child’s ring sling make sure you run to Beachfront’s website. Many carriers are currently on sale and even bigger Black Friday sales start 11/23. (But quantities are already low on child ring slings.) You can visit Beachfront’s website here. http://www.beachfrontbabywraps.com

As I mentioned above all of these amazing products are made by small businesses, and if you follow anyone of them on social media you will see they are families just like you and I. So, when shopping for gifts for your loved one’s bypass the crowds and gift card carousels and shop small this holiday season. <3


This post does contain a ambassador discount code which means I do receive slight monetary compensation if my code is used. I also did receive some product in exchange for my review/inclusion in this guide. I also personally purchased some products listed. Even though I received some product in exchange for my review/inclusion all opinions are my own. My children and I currently use all of the above products and love them. I would not recommend a product or a company I have not tried or do not like. 

2018 Small Shop Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. The Beachfront Baby Child Ring Sling is awesome. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

    1. The Polyblox are amazing. My oldest is 3 years old so we got them to help with everything before she starts going to school. I know I am a visual learner so I had a really hard time in school if I was unable to see it come to life in front of me. I wish I had these when I was young. Haha!

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